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"Cherub Bars do something very rare, they make it possible for me to eat something deliciously sweet without feeling guilt. The ingredients are simple and I can tell that each bar is made with a high degree of care. My favorite way to use Cherub Bars is to give them as gifts. They are far better and healthier for the people I love."

- Dohnbi K.

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"Cherub bars are insanely delicious! The concoction of these simple and nutritious ingredients is perfection. It's love in every bite."

- Arlene V.

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"I've bought several bags of these and me, my husband, and my kids love them. There's no refined sugar and it gives us a rare opportunity to indulge without compromising our health and wellbeing. I'm so grateful these exist."

- H.Q.

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"The first bite I ever took of a Cherub Bar was an eye opening experience. I didn't expect such a smooth texture and delicious taste. I have shared cherub bars with many people and they all have had a similar wonderfully pleasant experience. Cherub bars easily satisfy a chocolate craving but without the stimulating effects of chocolate. Who knew carob could taste so wonderful!"

- Craig S.

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"I would give it 5 stars, but it's totally addictive! You'll get hooked!!"

- S.H.S

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"Soooo good! What a treat to have tried these bars."

- Livy J.

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"So delicious!! The packaging of Cherub Bars are done with such care and thought, the flavors are natural and delicious which create a pure indulgence that I feel only joy about while eating them!

Everyone deserves to enjoy this kind of flavor, try them yourself and you will know what I mean!"

- Madison S.B.

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"What a delicious product made with so much love I can taste. The coconut current bar makes my mouth smile. Thanks for creating such a soul yummy treat!"

- Diana K.

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"In a word: Perfect!"

- Kathy K.

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"Cherub bars are a staple in our home. They are so delicious, rich and creamy. My kids love them and I feel I don't have to restrict them from eating a treat at any time of the day."

- Rashelle H.

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"The cherub bars are awesome. They are tasty, sweet, and tastes like chocolate! I highly recommend."

- Asmara C

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"Best carob bar I've ever had! Would love to sell them at my juice bar and wellness center." 

- Sheena M

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"I wouldn't write if I weren't completely wild about your product. I can't eat chocolate due to a caffeine sensitivity and the Cherub Bar is the best substitute I have ever tasted. Thank you!"

- Heather A.

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"I thoroughly look forward to having a bar. Flavorful, textured and accessible. I was acceptable that a non-chocolate bar could be so good."

- Mark J.

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“Thank you for creating these bars. As someone who cannot eat sugar or chocolate, I've been used to the lackluster carob bars on the market for the past ten years. I basically gave up and resorted to making my own treats with unsweetened carob chips - but even those usually have palm oil. So I was beyond excited to see Cherub Bars stocked at my local health food store - something new I could actually try! And I was blown away by the taste. I kept rereading the ingredients. The cacao butter is definitely an unusual ingredient; I've never seen it mixed with carob before - but what a genius idea! It makes carob taste like gourmet dark chocolate. A small miracle to look forward to every day.”

- Christina M.     My purpose in life is to: WRITE PLAYS

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"Your cherub bars are the most delicious carob I've ever had. Very chocolatey (which for me is a good thing). The flavor combinations are inspired. I especially like the almond raisin one as the raisins make it a bit more moist and add some more to the mouth feel. The packaging is great and green. 
I found them at The Sugar Beet Coop in Oak Park, IL where Grace was sampling them out. What a joy she is!"

- Lynda J. S.    My purpose in life is to: MAKE PEOPLE SMILE

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"Yummm! That mulberry ginger was a great match with yoga class. The experience is pure and exciting!!"

- Brian A.     My purpose in life is to: BECOME ANGELIC

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“These bars are amazing! Absolutely delicious and so close to a dark chocolate that you can't tell the difference. You can see, taste and smell the quality! I will defiantly recommend this to everyone.”

- Melissa R. My purpose in life is to: SEE THE GOOD IN EVERYTHING